Eirik Lunde

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Eirik Lunde was appointed as Chief Executive Officer in April 2007. He was previous the CEO for Ventelo Norge A/S one of the leading Telecom providers in the Nordic region, which acquired Catch Communication A/S and Bluecom A/S, where Eirik Lunde held the position as respectively Executive Vice President and CEO. Prior to this he held the position as head of PC Broadband Services in Telenor, General Manager for Dell Norway, and various leading positions in Digital Equipment Corporation. He holds a degree as marketing economist from NMH, and executive MBA from Insead and London Business School.

Shares: 144.881
Options: 280.000

Tom Nøttveit

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) ×

Tom Nøttveit was appointed Chief Financial Officer in August 2007. He came from the position as CFO of Norman ASA, a listed data security software company, where he had management positions within accounting and finance since 1997.

Prior to this, he had various management positions within accounting and finance in Telenor after he started his career as an auditor at KPMG. He holds a degree in Business Administration (BBA) from Pacific Lutheran University (WA, USA) and the Norwegian ‘Siviløkonom’ degree.

Shares: 57.500 (indirectly via Prosperis Invest AS)
Options: 75.000

Sven Ole Skrivervik

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)


Shares: 22,500
Options: 75,000

Roy Børsheim

Director Consumers


Roy Børsheim has worked at NextGenTel since 2009 and was appointed Director Consumers in February 2013. His previous positions include Head of Sales Consumer and SME at NextGenTel, management positions at Atea, Umoe IKT and Managing Director at Umoe Communications.

Børsheim is educated in Economics and Business Administration at Norwegian Business School (Handelshøyskolen BI).

Shares: 2,566

389,000 customers in total

(Customer figures last updated as per Q3/16)

Norway consumer

Broadband 126,800

VoIP 56,000

Mobile 41,000

TV 16,200

Norway business

Internet 17,900

VoIP 10,900

Mobile 15,200

International markets

Netherlands 87,300

Denmark 12,300

Switzerland 5,200

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