13. Information and communication

NextGenTel aims to have a financial reporting in which investors have confidence.

The company endeavors to give accurate and sufficiently extensive information each quarter and publish this information as quickly as possible. The company does not give concrete guidance on future revenue and results. The company will ensure that all relevant information is accessible for the market.

Information will be given shareholders and other parties in the market simultaneously and with the most efficient methods. All financial information, including various company presentations, may be found at NextGenTel’s web site, and the company ensures that all shareholders have equal access to financial information. Responsibility for investor relations and price sensitive information rests with the company’s CEO and CFO.

In meetings with shareholders, analysts and others, special emphasis is given to not discussing issues that are considered to be price sensitive. The Group’s financial calendar is published through the Oslo Stock Exchange and is also available on the corporate website. The board has established guidelines for contact with shareholders outside the general meeting. 

340,000 customers in total

(Customer figures last updated as per Q3/17)

Norway consumer

Broadband 117,100

VoIP 42,600

Mobile 38,000

TV 20,500

Norway business

Internet 16,700

VoIP 8,900

Mobile 16,300

International markets

Netherlands 65,300

Denmark 10,400

Switzerland 4,500

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