15. Auditor

NextGenTel Holding ASA uses the same firm of auditors in the parent company and all subsidiaries of significance.

The auditors may be used as advisors in circumstances when services are permissible under independence rules and approved by the audit committee. The board has not found it necessary to outline written guidelines for management’s use of the auditors for services other than audit. However, such assignments are normally discussed at board level before the assignment is given to the auditors.

The auditors are not used as advisors for strategic issues or in connection with operational tasks for the company.

The auditor participates in the board meeting that approves the annual financial statements, and in the same meeting will give its opinions as to the company’s accounting principles, risk areas, internal control and accounting routines. The company’s internal control is reviewed by the auditor at least once a year. The auditor is annually presenting to the audit committee a plan for the audit.

The board ensures that the board and the auditor may discuss relevant issues without the presence of management. The audit fees are approved at the annual general meeting and are described in the notes to the financial statements.

352,000 customers in total

(Customer figures last updated as per Q2/17)

Norway consumer

Broadband 120,500

VoIP 44,200

Mobile 38,500

TV 20,800

Norway business

Internet 17,400

VoIP 9,100

Mobile 16,600

International markets

Netherlands 69,400

Denmark 11,000

Switzerland 4,600

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