4. Equal treatment

Equal treatment of shareholders and transactions with close associates.

Class of shares

NextGenTel has one class of shares, and each share entitles to one vote at the company’s general meeting.

Increase of share capital

If the board, in accordance with proxy given by the AGM, decides to derogate from the shareholders’ pre-emption rights pursuant to the public limited liability companies act, then this decision will be justified in a stock exchange notice in connection with the capital increase.

Trading in treasury shares

Transactions in the company’s own shares (share buy-back) are carried out through the Oslo Stock Exchange at prevailing stock exchange prices. The company emphasizes equal treatment of shareholders when it comes to price sensitive information. NextGenTel Holding ASA is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and is therefore obliged to follow all relevant information requirements. The company publishes all price sensitive information to the stock market through relevant information systems and also on the company’s web site at www.nextgentelholding.com.

Transactions with close associates

In the board’s opinion, there have been no material transactions between the company and shareholders, members of the board, members of the executive management or close associates of any such parties in 2016. Related party transactions are disclosed in the notes to the financial statements. In transactions with close associates, NextGenTel’s ethical guidelines will apply. In the event of a material transaction between the company and a shareholder, the board will ensure that the transaction is based on an independent valuation. 

Guidelines for directors and corporate management

Guidelines for directors and corporate management in the event of conflict of interests are covered in the company’s ethical guidelines.

340,000 customers in total

(Customer figures last updated as per Q3/17)

Norway consumer

Broadband 117,100

VoIP 42,600

Mobile 38,000

TV 20,500

Norway business

Internet 16,700

VoIP 8,900

Mobile 16,300

International markets

Netherlands 65,300

Denmark 10,400

Switzerland 4,500

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